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Resources tagged with "Human Rights Act 1998"

  • photo for International Law in Domestic Practice: Some Practical Pointers

    International Law in Domestic Practice: Some Practical Pointers

    July 14 2011 | Conference papers | By Pete Weatherby QC

    The paper provides considerations on the international law and comparative law, and when it is relevant to apply them in practice in the UK, including incorporation of international treaties and customary international law into domestic law and the direct applicability of the EU Treaty.

  • photo for Community Care Law - Current Developments

    Community Care Law - Current Developments

    July 14 2011 | Conference papers | By Simon Garlick

    This paper provides updates on: the impact of Personalisation on Community Care assessment and provision; the reform of Adult Social Care law; the provision of NHS Continuing Healthcare to individuals living in the community.

  • photo for Court of Protection: Update

    Court of Protection: Update

    July 12 2011 | Conference papers | By Mathieu Culverhouse

    This paper looks into recent developments in the Court of Protection, the Court's welfare jurisdiction and the developing case law on deprivation of liberty.

  • photo for Judicial review: Disclosure and Evidence

    Judicial review: Disclosure and Evidence

    July 11 2011 | Conference papers | By Kate Stone

    This paper looks at the procedural developments in human rights-based claims in judicial review, with special focus on disclosure, public interest immunity and the cope for calling evidence following landmark cases such as R (Al-Sweady and others) v Secretary of State for Defence [2009] EWHC 2387, where the Administrative Court indicated that it should not be reluctant to order disclosure or permit live evidence and cross-examination in appropriate judicial review cases.

  • photo for Common Law Rights

    Common Law Rights

    October 18 2010 | Conference papers | By Michael Fordham QC

    This paper analyses the 'principle of legality' and 'anxious scrutiny' and their role in securing the protection of constitutional rights since the enactment of the HRA.