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Resources tagged with "Human Rights Act 1998"

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    A Year in Judicial Review 2013

    November 8 2013 | Conference papers | By Nathalie Lieven QC

    There are by now so many JR cases, which cover such a broad range of topics that a talk such as this is necessarily nothing more than a personal choice, and cannot hope to be comprehensive. What is set out below is merely a few cases from 2013 which may be of general interest. There will be many others which are relevant to your particular cases and practices.

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    Judicial Review in Education: A case law update

    July 11 2013 | Conference papers | By Sarah Hannett

    This talk outlines the most interesting judicial review cases in education in the last 12 months. It addresses the following topics: School transport; GCSE examinations; Eligibility for student funding in higher education; Universities; The Office of the Independent Adjudicator; Costs in judicial review claims in the Upper Tribunal.

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    Judicial Review of age assessment decisions in the Upper Tribunal

    June 4 2013 | Conference papers | By Alison Pickup

    Transfer of judicial to the Upper Tribunal in immigration cases is currently limited by statute but, since late 2011, all 'fresh claim' judicial reviews have been transferred to the UT, and many judicial reviews of social services' age assessments are also transferred there. This paper looks at the procedure and practical implications of judicial reviews being considered in the Upper Tribunal (IAC) regarding age assessments.