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Resources tagged with "Human Rights Act 1998"

  • photo for Exceptional Case Funding Briefing

    Exceptional Case Funding Briefing

    May 22 2018 | Research | By Katy Watts

    This briefing paper looks at the history of ECF funding, including application and success rates, the accessibility of the scheme and major litigation that occured concerning its operation. The paper draws conclusions as to whether the scheme is in fact providing a safety net for those otherwise excluded from the legal aid.

  • photo for Literature Review on the Use and Impact of Litigation

    Literature Review on the Use and Impact of Litigation

    April 10 2018 | Research | By Dr Lisa Vanhala and Jacqui Kinghan

    Strategic legal action is a promising, potential tool for driving change in the systems that perpetuate severe and multiple disadvantage. Yet it can also be costly, risky, time consuming and, under certain circumstances, counterproductive.

  • photo for Public Law and Clinical Legal Environments

    Public Law and Clinical Legal Environments

    April 5 2018 | Research | By Public Law Project

    University law clinics are a developing tool for both legal skills-based education and academic education. As well as providing students with experience of law in action and a practical base for academic enquiry, law clinics are, and should be supported as, an important means of providing practical legal work experience; especially where they can provide experience of working with clients who face social problems that many students may never face themselves.

  • photo for The Digitalisation of Tribunals:What we know and what we need to know

    The Digitalisation of Tribunals:What we know and what we need to know

    April 5 2018 | Research | By Professor Robert Thomas and Dr Joe Tomlinson

    Tribunals are a major part of the administrative justice system. The Government has begun to introduce digital procedures in tribunals but the full details of the changes remain to be seen. This report—commissioned by the UK Administrative Justice Institute—outlines ‘what we know and what we need to know’ about the digitalisation of tribunals. It takes the first steps towards establishing a research agenda for online tribunals and identifies a range of key research issues and questions.

  • photo for Exceptional Case Funding Clinics

    Exceptional Case Funding Clinics

    April 5 2018 | Research | By Emma Marshall

    The research presented here focuses on the feasibility of developing access to legal aid through the Exceptional Case Funding (ECF) scheme, by setting up and running ECF projects in university law schools. This report contributes to PLP’s existing research undertaken in partnership with university law clinics,1 which seeks to develop knowledge and understanding about the opportunities that clinical legal education programmes offer for extending access to justice.

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    Top public law cases of the year

    November 22 2017 | Conference papers | By Naina Patel, Alison Pickup, Nusrat Zar

    The number and diversity of public law cases is now such that a review of the year can only hope to cover a small sample of these. The selection of cases below (from September 2016 to August 2017) necessarily reflects our personal choices, and no doubt, there are many others that could have been included. We have each picked three cases. They are summarised below in chronological order, with some detail.