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Resources tagged with "Damages"

  • photo for Investigating the Investigators

    Investigating the Investigators

    June 24 2016 | Conference papers | By Heather Williams QC

    This paper considers the opportunities for legal redress under the Human Rights Act 1998 (“HRA”) where police fail to carry out their investigative responsibilities. The main focus is on the claims available to victims of serious crimes against the person. However, I also examine briefly the position of those accused of crimes who experience delay in their exoneration as a result of incompetent investigation.

  • photo for Investigating the NHS and Defending Patient Safety

    Investigating the NHS and Defending Patient Safety

    June 24 2016 | Conference papers | By Jesse Nicholls

    Mid-Staffordshire, Morecambe Bay, Winterbourne View, Southern Health. Sadly the NHS is far from immune from preventable deaths, individual and systemic abuse, and deficient investigations into its own failings. The need for effective systems that will prevent death and serious harm, protective duties that require staff to take operational measures to protect those in their care, and robust, searching investigations into deaths and incidents of mistreatment are needed in healthcare and clinical settings now more than ever.

  • photo for Private Law Claims under Article 2 & 3 ECHR

    Private Law Claims under Article 2 & 3 ECHR

    July 10 2015 | Conference papers | By Heather Williams QC & Jesse Nicholls

    This paper considers how to use the protective and investigative obligations under Articles 2 and 3 in private law claims to secure accountability where public authorities fail to protect people in their care, fail to investigate and protect people against risks posed by other private individuals, or fail to investigate violations of the state's duty to protect people from death and serious harm.