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Resources tagged with "Education"

  • photo for Public Law and Clinical Legal Environments

    Public Law and Clinical Legal Environments

    April 5 2018 | Research | By Public Law Project

    University law clinics are a developing tool for both legal skills-based education and academic education. As well as providing students with experience of law in action and a practical base for academic enquiry, law clinics are, and should be supported as, an important means of providing practical legal work experience; especially where they can provide experience of working with clients who face social problems that many students may never face themselves.

  • photo for Top Public Law Cases of the Year 2016

    Top Public Law Cases of the Year 2016

    November 2 2016 | Conference papers | By Monica Carss-Frisk QC, Iain Steele & Nusrat Zar

    The number and diversity of JR cases is now such that a review of the year can only hope to cover a small sample of the Administrative Court’s workload. The selection of cases here (from September 2015 to August 2016) necessarily reflects our personal choice, and no doubt there are many others that could have been included. We have each picked three cases. They are summarised in chronological order.

  • photo for Special educational needs disputes and mediation

    Special educational needs disputes and mediation

    April 17 2014 | Conference papers | By Margaret Doyle

    This paper aims to give a general overview of the use of mediation in the context of challenges against local authority decisions by parents of children with special educational needs (SEN). It briefly describes the main external mechanisms (as opposed to internal complaints procedures) for resolving or determining SEN disputes.

  • photo for Judicial Review in Education: A case law update

    Judicial Review in Education: A case law update

    July 11 2013 | Conference papers | By Sarah Hannett

    This talk outlines the most interesting judicial review cases in education in the last 12 months. It addresses the following topics: School transport; GCSE examinations; Eligibility for student funding in higher education; Universities; The Office of the Independent Adjudicator; Costs in judicial review claims in the Upper Tribunal.