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Resources tagged with "Access to Justice"

  • photo for Designing redress: a study about grievances against public bodies

    Designing redress: a study about grievances against public bodies

    July 31 2012 | Research | By Andrew Le Sueur and Varda Bondy

    Public bodies have in recent years been exhorted to get decisions ‘right first time’.1 The concept of administrative justice is seen by some scholars as including initial decisions as well as what happens when administrative decisions are challenged. Notwithstanding these developments, the redress of grievances remains central to the concerns of administrative law scholars, and public bodies expend a great deal of time and money handling grievances. It is just about possible to imagine an idealised administrative system in which no errors are ever made by decision-makers and all past, present and future decisions are accepted as correct and legitimate by citizens and business enterprises. In reality, this can never be achieved (except perhaps in well-resourced administrative schemes of limited size and relative simplicity).

  • photo for Judicial Review and Welfare Benefits

    Judicial Review and Welfare Benefits

    July 12 2012 | Conference papers | By Desmond Rutledge

    An analysis of the issue of judicial review and welfare benefits, covering the following topics: social welfare decisions that are amenable to judicial review; delay, financial hardship and interim payments; benefit problems linked to immigration status; the enforcement of overpayments as debts.

  • photo for Access to Justice for NGOs and Charities

    Access to Justice for NGOs and Charities

    October 13 2011 | Conference papers | By Nicholas Hildyard and Ben Jaffey

    Judicial review for NGOs, charities and their lawyers: When should NGOs and charities bring claims? What kinds of claims are most likely to succeed? How can claims be funded? How can NGOs or charities minimise the costs risk of losing and get a Protective Costs Order? How does the Aarhus Convention help access to justice in environmental cases?

  • photo for International Law in Domestic Practice: Some Practical Pointers

    International Law in Domestic Practice: Some Practical Pointers

    July 14 2011 | Conference papers | By Pete Weatherby QC

    The paper provides considerations on the international law and comparative law, and when it is relevant to apply them in practice in the UK, including incorporation of international treaties and customary international law into domestic law and the direct applicability of the EU Treaty.