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Resources tagged with "Mediation"

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    Special educational needs disputes and mediation

    April 17 2014 | Conference papers | By Margaret Doyle

    This paper aims to give a general overview of the use of mediation in the context of challenges against local authority decisions by parents of children with special educational needs (SEN). It briefly describes the main external mechanisms (as opposed to internal complaints procedures) for resolving or determining SEN disputes.

  • photo for Mediation in Judicial Review: a practitioners' handbook

    Mediation in Judicial Review: a practitioners' handbook

    January 31 2011 | Research | By Varda Bondy and Margaret Doyle

    What place does mediation have in judicial review cases? Research by the Public Law Project (PLP) and the University of Essex on the permission stage in judicial review concluded that most judicial review claims are settled and that most settlements satisfy the claims made in the judicial review. While some cases that settle as a result of bilateral negotiations could arguably result in a better outcome for one or both parties were they mediated instead, mediation is an unlikely option where more familiar and straightforward routes to disposal are available to lawyers.

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    Mediation and Judicial Review

    June 13 2009 | Research | By Linda Mulcahy, Varda Bondy with Margaret Doyle and Val Reid

    The aim of this research is to establish an independent evidence base for identifying the value and the limits of mediation as an alternative to, or used alongside, judicial review.