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Resources tagged with "Voluntary sector"

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    Guide to Strategic Litigation

    January 13 2014 | Guides | By The Public Law Project

    This guide has been produced to provide individuals and community groups with information to promote a better understanding of how to challenge decisions of public bodies. It is intended for non-lawyers, for community and voluntary sector groups and for individuals. It is not intended for litigants in person (ie those who go to court without a lawyer to assist them), and in no way replaces the need for expert legal advice. Instead, it is designed to help non-lawyers understand the judicial review process, to navigate their way through it, and to get the best out of the lawyers they will undoubtedly need.



    October 14 2013 | Conference papers | By The Rt Hon The Baroness Hale of Richmond

    Lady Hale's address to our Judicial Review Trends and Forecasts conference 2013, on October 14. The address looks at standing, interventions and costs.

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    Funding Public Law Challenges

    April 4 2012 | Conference papers | By Louise Whitfeld and Tim Buley

    This presentation looks at the Legal Aid reforms and the options open to both individuals and organisations seeking to use the Administrative Court - including Protective Costs Orders (PCOs), Conditional Fee Agreement (CFAs), third party funding and the importance of the Bhata judgement for costs recovery in the wake of a public body conceding before hearing.

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    Access to Justice for NGOs and Charities

    October 13 2011 | Conference papers | By Nicholas Hildyard and Ben Jaffey

    Judicial review for NGOs, charities and their lawyers: When should NGOs and charities bring claims? What kinds of claims are most likely to succeed? How can claims be funded? How can NGOs or charities minimise the costs risk of losing and get a Protective Costs Order? How does the Aarhus Convention help access to justice in environmental cases?

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    Third Party Interventions in Judicial Review

    May 1 2001 | Research | By Deana Smith, Karen Ashton and Professor Lee Bridges

    This report describes the process and outcomes of an 'action research' project conducted by the PLP with the financial support of the Nuffield Foundation.