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Resources tagged with "Community care"

  • photo for PLP Impact Report and Five Year Review 2012 to 2016

    PLP Impact Report and Five Year Review 2012 to 2016

    April 13 2017 | Reports and reviews | By PLP

    The report uses illustrative case studies and data analysis to summarise and explain:

    PLP's Legal Aid Support Project (LASP); Casework in welfare benefits, community care, and the Special Immigration and Appeal's Commission (SIAC); PLP's Justice First Fellows; Research and policy work; Training, conferences, resources, guides and publications ... and the PLP community!

    The report finishes with a summary of our recent strategic review and its results;

    a re-articulation of our vision, mission and priorities more suited to current challenges.mission and priorities.

  • photo for Lions under the Throne

    Lions under the Throne

    December 2 2015 | Research | By Stephen Sedley

    Sir Stephen Sedley and Cambridge University Press (CUP) have allowed us to publish the introduction to Lions under the Throne, Essays on the History of English Public Law. The first part of this chapter sketches the early growth of English public law. The second part tries to describe what it was like to be involved in the modern take-off of public law as it roused itself from its long sleep.

  • photo for A Year in Judicial Review 2013

    A Year in Judicial Review 2013

    November 8 2013 | Conference papers | By Nathalie Lieven QC

    There are by now so many JR cases, which cover such a broad range of topics that a talk such as this is necessarily nothing more than a personal choice, and cannot hope to be comprehensive. What is set out below is merely a few cases from 2013 which may be of general interest. There will be many others which are relevant to your particular cases and practices.

  • photo for Challenging Community Care Decisions after McDonald and KM

    Challenging Community Care Decisions after McDonald and KM

    October 15 2012 | Conference papers | By Stephen Broach and Stephen Cragg QC

    Issues and central principles arising out of both cases, including the assessment duty, the positive obligations owed to disabled people under Article 8 ECHR, the use of the Resource Allocation Schemes to calculate 'indicative budgets', and the duty to meet assessed needs where 'necessary'. The barristers, who between them acted for the claimants in both cases, discuss how the central principles of the cases can and should be applied in future challenges to community care decisions.

  • photo for An update on Social Care Reform

    An update on Social Care Reform

    July 12 2012 | Audio files | By Frances Patterson QC

    Frances Patterson QC, Public Law Commissioner at The Law Commission, gives an update on social care reform at our Public Law and Judicial Review North conference on 12 July 2012.

  • photo for Public Law Reform: An Update on Social Care

    Public Law Reform: An Update on Social Care

    July 12 2012 | Conference papers | By Frances Patterson QC

    This paper proves an overview of the government's promise to reform the adult social care law, following the Law Commission's published proposals for reform of legislation governing care and support for older and disabled people, those with mental health problems and carers. It also analyses the government's response to the Law Commission's recommendations and consideration of the future reform of the law.

  • photo for Judicial Review and Welfare Benefits

    Judicial Review and Welfare Benefits

    July 12 2012 | Conference papers | By Desmond Rutledge

    An analysis of the issue of judicial review and welfare benefits, covering the following topics: social welfare decisions that are amenable to judicial review; delay, financial hardship and interim payments; benefit problems linked to immigration status; the enforcement of overpayments as debts.

  • photo for Community Care Law - Current Developments

    Community Care Law - Current Developments

    July 14 2011 | Conference papers | By Simon Garlick

    This paper provides updates on: the impact of Personalisation on Community Care assessment and provision; the reform of Adult Social Care law; the provision of NHS Continuing Healthcare to individuals living in the community.

  • photo for Court of Protection: Update

    Court of Protection: Update

    July 12 2011 | Conference papers | By Mathieu Culverhouse

    This paper looks into recent developments in the Court of Protection, the Court's welfare jurisdiction and the developing case law on deprivation of liberty.