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Resources tagged with "Public Law"

  • photo for A Comparative Introduction to Tribunals and Public Law

    A Comparative Introduction to Tribunals and Public Law

    June 4 2013 | Conference papers | By Tim Baldwin

    This paper provides a brief introduction to the history and structure of tribunals in England and Wales and consideration of practical questions, such as: How are tribunals different from higher courts? What features are shared and what features differ, in practice? Where tribunals fit in the context of other public law remedies, and what public law issues apply across tribunal chambers?

  • photo for Update on Welsh Constitutional Issues

    Update on Welsh Constitutional Issues

    April 11 2013 | Conference papers | By Theodore Huckle QC, Counsel General to The Welsh Government

    The Government of Wales Act 2006 represents a landmark in Welsh history: formally separating the executive from the legislature in Wales, and providing a host of new powers for Welsh ministers and now, since the 2011 referendum, bringing broad primary legislative power to Wales for the first time in over 500 years.

  • photo for Challenging new infrastructure

    Challenging new infrastructure

    April 8 2013 | Conference papers | By Richard Turney

    This paper takes a practical look at the procedures for consenting new infrastructure in Wales, through the Planning Act 2008 and the Hybrid Bill procedure, and consider the potential areas for challenge (including consultation, strategic environmental assessment and habitats issues) for those opposed to such infrastructure. Through recent case studies, the paper examines the tactics and procedure for such challenges.