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Resources tagged with "Public Law"

  • photo for Learning the lessons from the cutting edge: The Mau Mau case

    Learning the lessons from the cutting edge: The Mau Mau case

    May 12 2014 | Conference papers | By Daniel Leader

    The Mau Mau case made legal history in 2013 when the British Government compensated and issued an apology to 5,000 Kenyans who had been tortured whilst detained by the British colony prior to independence in 1963. This paper outlines the factual and legal issues which arose in the course of the litigation.

  • photo for Privacy and Data Protection: The Legal Framework

    Privacy and Data Protection: The Legal Framework

    April 25 2014 | Conference papers | By Kirsten Sjøvoll

    Obtaining and disclosing information gives rise to a number of potential legal issues. In addition to possible criminal penalties, there are a number of civil causes of action which may be available to those who feel their private or personal information has been unlawfully obtained, stored, or used. This paper discusses these causes of action.

  • photo for Common law remedies

    Common law remedies

    April 17 2014 | Audio files | By Richard Hermer QC

    This talk examines the range of remedies available in private law claims as well as analysing the principles and practice of the quantification of damages.

  • photo for Special educational needs disputes and mediation

    Special educational needs disputes and mediation

    April 17 2014 | Conference papers | By Margaret Doyle

    This paper aims to give a general overview of the use of mediation in the context of challenges against local authority decisions by parents of children with special educational needs (SEN). It briefly describes the main external mechanisms (as opposed to internal complaints procedures) for resolving or determining SEN disputes.