How to Apply for Legal Aid Funding for Judicial Review

How to Apply for Legal Aid Funding for Judicial Review

Legal aid remains available for many judicial review cases, subject to conditions. Certain types of cases are excluded (see Annex 1), and in some cases payment will not be made, even where legal aid is granted (see Annex 2 of the publication).

This guide is intended for practitioners who do not apply for judicial review funding on a regular basis, or who could do with some clarification on aspects of the criteria. It does not cover the ‘legal help’ scheme which is only available through legal aid providers with a contract to do public law work.

This guide also does not cover the practicalities of applying. Most legal aid applications have recently moved from paper forms to the new computerised ‘CCMS’ system. This system may change, and in certain circumstances paper forms may still be required. It therefore relates to the substance of what the application must show, not the way the application must be made.

It is intended as a guide only. It should help you ensure that you have covered all the relevant criteria, considered the relevant issues, and help you find your way to the answer to your question. It is not, and is not intended to be, a definitive statement of what is necessary to obtain legal aid.

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Author: The Public Law Project

Publication date: September 15 2016