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  • photo for The duty of candour: Where are we now?

    The duty of candour: Where are we now?

    December 1 2017 | Conference papers | By Iain Steele

    The underlying principle is that a public authority’s objective should not be to win the case at all costs, but to assist the court in its role of ensuring the lawfulness of the decision under challenge, with a view to upholding the rule of law and improving standards in public administration

  • photo for Top public law cases of the year

    Top public law cases of the year

    November 22 2017 | Conference papers | By Naina Patel, Alison Pickup, Nusrat Zar

    The number and diversity of public law cases is now such that a review of the year can only hope to cover a small sample of these. The selection of cases below (from September 2016 to August 2017) necessarily reflects our personal choices, and no doubt, there are many others that could have been included. We have each picked three cases. They are summarised below in chronological order, with some detail.

  • photo for Judicial Review of the Regulators

    Judicial Review of the Regulators

    November 22 2017 | Conference papers | By Andrew Lidbetter and Jasveer Randhawa

    This paper of regulatory case summaries accompanied the 2017 seminar, which was an update on the application of judicial review principles to the regulators across a range of commercial sectors, and focuses on recent cases and also particular trends.