Policy work

PLP regularly submits responses to consultations and government policy proposals which fall within areas relevant to our core objective of monitoring and increasing the accessibility of public law remedies. Particular focuses within this area are judicial review procedure, ADR, and government legal aid policy. PLP’s policy and research work are closely entwined, with research often undertaken to develop policy reform proposals, and policy initiatives stimulating new areas of research.

Due to the number of documents produced by PLP in response to recent and proposed changes to legal aid policy and judicial review (civil) proceudre we now have seperate sections for current and previous policy work.  In current policy work, you will will find all recent work (2012 and on), including policy briefings, consultation responses and ongoing FOIA request to the MOJ.

It is 30 years since I wrote the first proposal for a national public law resource centre. In that time, the PLP has adapted its shape and its work to meet new needs and accommodate new problems. Its survival and development are a tribute to the dedication of its staff and volunteers, as well as to the bodies that have believed in it and funded it.

Sir Stephen Sedley