PLINGO stands for ‘Public Lawyers in Non-Governmental Organisations’. The group was established by PLP in early 2005, as an information exchange, debating forum and voice for lawyers in this sector. Meetings take place approximately every two months.

Current membership includes representation from lawyers in:

  • Action for Victims of Medical Accidents

  • Child Poverty Action Group

  • Disability Law Service

  • Friends of the Earth

  • Howard League for Penal Reform

  • Liberty

  • MIND

  • Prisoners Advice Service

  • Public Law Project


Lawyers in the NGO sector are subject to different pressures to those working in the private sector. They do not tend to have financial targets, but are expected to develop and maintain a very proactive and tactical strategy, involving advice and 'test' case litigation. They are also subject to a different regulatory regime by the Law Society, as ‘employed solicitors’.

The group has been looking in detail at matters involving costs and costs protection, including the form and content of Conditional Fee Agreements and the scope of Protective Costs Orders.

Lawyers from the NGO sector interesting in joining should email Sara Lomri, PLP's Deputy Legal Director

I know of no duty of the court which is more important to observe, and no power of the court which is more important to enforce, than its power of keeping public bodies within their rights.

Lindley MR in Roberts v Gwyrfai District Council [1899]