This is our online press book, collating PLP's appearances in media, such as news reports on legal challenges, references to our published research and policy responses, or awards for our our work.

Guardian 22 January 2017
Home Office Eritrea guidance softened to reduce asylum seeker numbers
The government downplayed the risk of human rights abuses in one of the world’s most repressive regimes in an attempt to reduce asylum seeker numbers despite doubts from its own experts, internal documents have revealed.

The 'Alan Turing Law' isn't the amazing step you think it is – just ask gay men with historical convictions like my client
PLP's Katy Watts in the Independent online 21 October 2016 (below) and I Paper print version 22 October, here.

Jo Hickman, PLP's Director, is named Times Lawyer of the Week
29/4/16 (link below is behind a paywall, unfortunately).
"Jo Hickman is a solicitor and the director of national legal charity, the Public Law Project (PLP), which brought the case in the Supreme Court where the seven justices, in an unprecedented move, halted the case halfway through a two-day hearing and ruled unanimously that the Ministry of Justice cannot introduce a residence test for civil legal aid."

Round up of press coverage following PLP's victory in the Supreme Court on 18/4/16


Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit (ATLEU) press release & BBC News
21 December 2015
In a ground-breaking judgment handed down on 17 September 2015 the Employment Tribunal upheld numerous claims, including those for unpaid wages and religious and race discrimination, brought by an Indian woman of low caste kept in domestic servitude by her employers for 4 ½ years. The Legal Aid Agency refused to fund Ms Tirkey’s representation for 17 months,  suggesting that the case was not of “sufficient importance or seriousness” and that it was “only a claim for money”.  PLP acted for Ms Tirkey to assist her claim for Exceptional Case Funding, which was only succesful subsequent to PLP issuing a judicial review claim on her behalf.  The case has had significant media coverage.

 The Law Society Gazette
19 October 2015
Criticism of JR process ‘unfounded’, legal charity claims, by Michael Cross.
Perceptions that judicial review is an ineffective drain on the public purse and frequently abused by claimants are 'at best misleading and at worst false', according to a legal charity's study of 502 cases. The article is here.

The Guardian
15 July 2015
Legal aid safety net does not work, rules UK high court, by Owen Bowcott.
Exceptional funding scheme must be altered to help vulnerable claimants, says Mr Justice Collins in test case following widespread complaints from lawyers.
Link to article here

Legal Action Group (LAG) Magazine
'Gateway at crossroads?' PLP solicitor David Oldfield explains the findings of the PLP report Keys to the Gateway: An Independant Review of the Mandatory CLA Gateway.
PDF here.

The Law Society Gazette
3 March 2015
'Telephone gateway ‘barrier’ to justice', by Monidipa Fouzder: The new mandatory gateway for civil legal advice may have been a barrier to access to justice, according to charity Public Law Project, which has published research showing the service has been used far less widely than expected.

Family Law Week
22 September 2014
High Court grants permission for Rights of Women’s legal challenge to restore access to legal aid for victims of domestic violence

The Guardian
15 July 2014
Owen Bowcott: Legal aid residence test 'discriminatory and unlawful', high court rules.
Setback for Chris Grayling as senior judges say refusing legal aid to non-residents does not help to target those most in need.

Parliament TV
PLP's Martha Spurrier gave evidence to the Public Bill Committee on 13 March 2014 about the the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, specifically about the impact the bill will have on Judical Review. You can see her evidence at

The Young Fabians Magazine volume 16 issue 4, Summer 2013
PLP's Martha Spurrier writes a column on how the coalition government's policies on legal aid are undermining access to justice and government accountability. You can read a scanned pdf of the article as the magazine is not online.

The UK Constitutional Law Group blog
Varda Bondy and Maurice Sunkin: How Many JRs are too many? An evidence based response to ‘Judicial Review: Proposals for Further Reform’

The Guardian
Owen Bowcott, Guardian Legal Affairs Correspondent reports on Mr Justice Burton's presentation and Q&A at our annual Trends and Forecasts 2013 conference on 14 OCtober.  Mr Justice Burton was recently appointed President of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, which deals with complaints about serveillance, and is the The IPT is the only Tribunal to whom complaints about the Intelligence Services can be directed.

Weekly Zaman
Turkish interest paper presents an excellent summation of legal aid issues in UK, extensively quoting PLP.

The London Review of Books
Vol 35. No 17. September 2013
Sir Stephen Sedley quotes PLP's research extensively in his article on the UK constitution - 'Beware Kite Flyers'.  Ostensibly a book review of The British Constitution: A Very Short Introduction by Martin Loughlin, Sedley uses the article to provide keen and in depth analysis of current government proposals and puts them in historical context.

The Guardian
22 May 2013
Fitness-for-work tests unfair on people with mental health problems, court says. Work capability assessments place those with mental health conditions at substantial disadvantage, judge concludes. The article is availabe here:


Halsbury AwardsAmanda Illing and Martha Spurrier accepting Halsbury Award
8 May 2013
PLP wins the Halsbury 'Special Rule of Law Award'. Link to Halsbury Awards site here.

Guardian Charity Awards 2012
PLP is a Guardian Charity of the Year Award winner in 2012.  THe Guardian made a short film about us:

New Statesman online

29 July 2012
Work capability assesments: the fightback. Disabled people win right to judicial review. The link to the online article is here.

The Pavement
May 2011 - Westminster Food ban challenge - download full PDF of the magazine

The Guardian
24 March 2011 Editorial
Ministers and judges: contempt of courts
Ministers should never shirk their own legal duty so they can attack the judges for setting out law that is politically unpalatable to them. Link to Guardian Online: Link to scanned paper version here.

The Guardian
23 March 2011
Immigration detainees win £1 damages. Walumba Lumba and Kadian Mighty, from Congo and Jamaica, were unlawfully imprisoned for two years, supreme court rules.
Link to online article: Link to scanned article here.

Law Gazette
March 2011
Telephone Advice questioned. Scanned article here.

27 July 2010
Home Office's Refugee Removal Policy 'unlawful'. Link to scanned article here.
Case Study of 'Mr Nyam' from Cameroon. Link to scanned article here.

27 July 2010
Fast-tracked Injustice. Link to scanned paper article here.

Mail Online
28 July 2010
Border policy in turmoil as fast-track deportations for asylum seekers are ruled illegal. The article is available online here:

Manchester Evening News
12 December 2008
U-turn on uniform grants: A MUM has struck a blow for parents by persuading council chiefs to give her a grant for her daughters' school uniforms. The article is available online here:

Ealing Times
10 July 2008
Southall Black Sisters at High Court:First PSED grant withdrawl challenge. A JPEG image of the front page is available here.