Making a complaint to a public body

A short guide to making an effective complaint to a public body, though many of the tips could also be used in making a complaint to a commercial or non-profit body.


Topics include:

  • effective complaint guideGetting Started

  • Making your complaint

  • Tips for gettting results

  • After you have made your complaint

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Author: The Public Law Project
Publication date: June 28 2013


The Public Law Project has transformed the local voluntary sector’s ability to challenge abuses by local councils and the local NHS. A decade ago we only had the Compact (the agreement between the sector and the government to ensure better working together). Now we have the ability to mount legal challenges when local public bodies let us down. I am proud of NAVCA’s partnership with the PLP, which has already trained more than 2,000 local voluntary sector leaders in the principles of public law.

Kevin Curley, (then) Chief Executive, National Asscoiation for Voluntary and Community Action