Introduction to public law

guide includes answers to the questions:

  • intro to public law guideWhat is public law?
  • What is a public body?
  • Where do public authorities get their legal authority from?
  • How can public law decisions affect you?
  • What are public law wrongs?
  • What is maladministration?
  • How can public law help you?
  • What is judicial review?
  • What are complaints proceduresand ombudsman schemes?
  • What remedies can public law offer you?

It also covers time limits, costs and issues such as data access and Freedom of Information Act requests.

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It is 30 years since I wrote the first proposal for a national public law resource centre. In that time, the PLP has adapted its shape and its work to meet new needs and accommodate new problems. Its survival and development are a tribute to the dedication of its staff and volunteers, as well as to the bodies that have believed in it and funded it.

Sir Stephen Sedley