Donate using cheque or BACS

The easiest way to donate (probably for us and you) is using the online donations widget, which is run for us by Charities Aid Foundation and offers Gift Aid on donations (for UK tax payers) and the option of giving once or on a regular basis (by setting up a direct debit).  However, if for any reason you want to donate to us using a cheque or BACS, here's how:

Send us a cheque with a Gift Aid form (if you are a UK tax payer) by folowing the instructions on the form or, if you want to donate by BACS, give us a call on 020 7843 1262 and we'll give you our BACS details.

In either case we will ask you to fill out a Gift Aid form if you are a UK taxpayer and we will ask you to post it to us, fax it, or scan it to us:




PLP has always provided invaluable research on how public policy issues play out on the ground. PLP’s research into
settling judicial review cases played a critical role in the recent Court of Appeal decision in Bahta, which has hugely improved the position of claimant lawyers.

Richard Clayton QC