Database of organisations supporting ECF applications

As part of our ongoing work to improve the accessibility of Exceptional Case Funding (‘ECF’), the Public Law Project is compiling a database of organisations that are able to offer support with ECF applications. We hope that the list will include law centres, other not-for-profit advice agencies, and pro bono projects. 

 We will publish the list on our website to help signpost individuals to organisations that may able to assist them with making an ECF application. We will also use the list to send out updates and information about ECF applications and procedures from time to time.

 We are contacting all those who have previously expressed an interest in our ECF training. If you are currently providing support with ECF applications and would be happy for us to include you on this list, please could you fill out the form via the link below.

[T]he progress towards a comprehensive system of administrative law… I regard as having been the greatest achievement of the English courts in my judicial lifetime

Lord Diplock in R v Inland Revenue Commissioners, ex p. National Federation of Self Employed [1982]