Brexit consultant

Can you help PLP respond to Brexit?

The Public Law Project is seeking to engage the services of one or more experts in European Union and constitutional law to assist it in a collaborative project aiming to promote and strengthen the Rule of Law during the Brexit process, and to ensure the continued protection of fundamental rights.

This exciting role will involve assisting PLP to develop its strategy and respond to the Great Repeal Act, the provision of legal and practical advice in areas of expertise, liaison with other non-governmental and government organisations and the legislature, and representing PLP's position to wider audiences. Excellent oral and written communication skills are required.

PLP will engage suitable experts on an hourly or daily consultative basis and is happy to consider flexible working arrangements to ensure fit with other commitments you may have.

Interested applicants are invited to submit a copy of their CV together with a cover letter detailing their expertise, experience and availability, to be received by close of business on 3 July 2017. Please address correspondence to Jo Hickman (PLP’s Director)sending an e-mail to

I know of no duty of the court which is more important to observe, and no power of the court which is more important to enforce, than its power of keeping public bodies within their rights.

Lindley MR in Roberts v Gwyrfai District Council [1899]